18. October 2021

The Leading Hotels of the World

Listing of all participating hotels of the Leading Hotels of the World in the last 20 years. Up to 1.000 hotels which have been or are members of the marketing organisation. Last revised: 01.06.2021.   […]

All 5 Star Hotels in the World 2017

All 5 stars hotels and resorts in the world (8’200+) in alphabetical order by country. Officially rated by local organisations or self-declared. These hotels and resorts are recommended by graduates of Swiss Hotel Association – […]

Best Hotels in the World 2017

Best 5 Star Hotels in the World There are over 8,000 hotels and resorts worldwide which have officially or self-declared 5 stars. From these we have sorted out the hotels, which are actually among the […]

All Hotel Chains and Brands

Listings of all Hotel Chains and Brands Worldwide See List of Brands. * = Recommended brands by professionals with graduations of Swiss Hotel Association – Hotel Management Schools, acting worldwide as hotel executives of leading […]

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