19. June 2024

Best Hotels in the World 2023

2023 Edition – The best hotels in the world . Die besten Hotels der Welt . Les meilleurs hôtels du monde . I migliori alberghi del mondo . Los mejores hoteles del mundo . There […]

Cruise Ships 2021

Because of the SARS-CoV-2 restrictions, it is not clear how and which ships are operational. All cruise ships in the world 2021 list with images of all ships. For the first time ever: more than […]

Castles of France

Châteaux de France . Schlösser von Frankreich . Castelli di Francia . Castillos de Francia A selection of the best castles of France. The ultimate list of 300 castles in France. All castles are worth […]

Castles and Palaces of Germany

Burgen und Schlösser in Deutschland . Châteaux et palais d’Allemagne . Castelli e Palazzi della Germania . Castillos y Palacios de Alemania . The best castles and palaces in Germany. 1284 buildings in 16 states […]

Villas and Palaces of Italy

Ville e Palazzi d’Italia . Villen und Paläste in Italien . Villas et palais d’Italie . Villas y Palacios de Italia . For the first time ever! All villas and palaces of Italy in one […]

Cruise Ships 2020

All cruise ships in the world 2020 list with images of all ships. For the first time ever: more than 400 ships navigating the seven oceans. Is it worth to book a cruise or not? […]

Best Watches 2019-2020

The Top 100 Men’s watches of 2020 and the best Ladies watches. The very best 115 brands of the watch industry. MEN´S WATCHES 2020 A. Lange und Soehne Lange 1 38.5mm 191.021 Manual Winding EUR […]

Best Whiskies in the World

The best Whiskies in the World A selection of 100 Whiskies for an excellent bar list. From the best of its class to bottles that you can pick up for special moments. It should be […]

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