27. May 2024

Castles of France

Châteaux de France . Schlösser von Frankreich . Castelli di Francia . Castillos de Francia A selection of the best castles of France. The ultimate list of 300 castles in France. All castles are worth […]

Castles and Palaces of Germany

Burgen und Schlösser in Deutschland . Châteaux et palais d’Allemagne . Castelli e Palazzi della Germania . Castillos y Palacios de Alemania . The best castles and palaces in Germany. 1284 buildings in 16 states […]

Villas and Palaces of Italy

Ville e Palazzi d’Italia . Villen und Paläste in Italien . Villas et palais d’Italie . Villas y Palacios de Italia . For the first time ever! All villas and palaces of Italy in one […]

Best French Chateaux

A selection of the best chateaux in France. The ultimate list of 300 Top Chateaux in France. All chateaux are worth it to visit. Last revised on 26.10.2021.               […]

Best Country Houses in Britain

A selection of the best country houses in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). The 335 Top Country Houses in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From very old castles to newly built mansions […]

Smart Cities

A selection of Smart Cities:                 Smart City with 50.000 Residents                 Smart City with 150.000 – 200.000 Residents     […]

Best Buildings in the World

For the first time ever.  The best buildings in the world. All built in the last 100 years. Shown in one list. The ultimate list with 500 of the most outstanding buildings. A must for […]

Best Architects in the World

The best architects in the world of the last 100 years shown in one list. The ultimate list with over 450 of the most influential architects. For the first time ever. A must for students […]

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